Blayne is the best voice teacher I’ve ever studied with. He’s patient and never makes me feel bad if I don’t understand something. Instead, he finds a different approach, or a different explanation, and keeps trying until I get it. Blayne gives honest praise (not platitudes) and constructive criticism. This motivates me to improve, and provides the tools I need to do that.
— Tobi Pledger

Happy Students and Parents


I have been renovating my voice with Blayne for about eight-months. I say, "renovating" because I am 56-years-old with years of habits that have formed the way I sing. Like a good surgeon, Blayne diagnoses and works with me to address any issues. He doesn't seek to change my voice. He recognizes the uniqueness in what makes my voice, "My Voice" and helps me overcome the years of habits I have built up, identifying and strengthening the good habits while renovating others. I don't know if I am his OLDEST student or not but his approach to voice is so tailored to me that I feel he could work with any age. Singing is therapeutic for me. I work all day and drag myself, knuckles dragging, into Blayne's gym for an hour of voice-therapy. I leave, walking upright and feeling energized, singing all the way home.

— Bob hillhouse

My daughter has been working with Blayne (Ziegenfuss Voice Studio) for a semester now, and she has already made incredible progress. I was blown away when he had her sing for me at her last session! She is young, so he has been gentle and encouraging, but he has given her the honest feedback she needs and pushed her outside her comfort zone to continue to grow her technique. He also organized her sessions to help her prepare for a musical theatre audition as well as a school performance. I can't say enough great things about Blayne. He has definitely been worth the investment and I look forward to seeing what he has in store for my daughter going forward.

— Kim Kallstrom, parent of Annika Kallstrom

When searching for a vocal coach, we wanted someone who could help “polish” my sons natural gift.  But, after a 10 week extensive vocal coaching experience with Blayne, the outcome was more than polished.  This experience enhanced his breathing, poster, eye contact, musical dialect, and theatre audition techniques to a new level.  Blayne’s passion for music, education in pedagogy, gentle constructive criticism and feedback, customized lesson plans, and encouraging words, allows each student to feel comfortable working with him knowing the outcomes are positive and successful.  He too, can provide you with the same experience leaving you a more confident, skilled, vocal artist ready to embrace each performance with a sound that will touch hearts and soothe souls.

— Jackie barnes, parent of jackson barnes

Blayne is the most gifted vocal coach I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Not only is he an amazing singer, technically and artistically, he is a kind and intuitive teacher that goes with the flow of what’s right for each individual student. I made more progress in a few months with Blayne than I did in years of struggling with other teachers/coaches. The best part is… Blayne’s lessons are fun! I always left his studio feeling uplifted and confident about my Theatrical and Vocal Career and endeavors. I would highly recommend Blayne for anyone wanting to take Vocal (Musical or Classical) training. 

— Jackson Barnes


After working with Blayne in a vocal workshop, I knew he would be a great fit for my daughter, Izzy.  Her breathing started to improve from day one. Teaching her to breath correctly has allowed her to sustain her phrasing in her upper and lower registers and increased her range. Her voice is fuller and richer than before.  Blayne challenged her to sing a variety of genres and prepared her beautifully for her audition into Weaver Academy, a Performing Arts High School.  Thank you Blayne!

— Jeannine Dumond, parent of Izzy dumond

Blayne has helped me in so many ways. I’ve had so many people tell me that my voice has grown so much since I started working with him. He changed my voice for the better. He helped me control my breathing, strengthen my head voice, relax my body when singing and so much more. I learned my first Italian piece, and many new songs I would’ve never tried, but I’m so glad I did. Thank you Blayne! 

— Izzy dumond

My son starting taking vocal lessons about a year ago, we started with one person and then had to change to another person due to my son’s voice changing, then that did not work out, then we contacted Blayne and started lessons with him. After the first lesson we could already tell a difference in the teaching styles and it was not long before we notice the difference in my son’s vocal range. I highly recommend Blayne to anyone that is looking for vocal lessons. He is amazing!!!!

— Kelly hill, parent of josh hill

Blayne not only changed the way I thought about breathing and singing, but help in putting me on a great, healthy singing path. I had many instructors before who thought me a way to do something that was wrong, but with Blayne, he helped me to fix that, making singing certain notes not only easier, but healthier. He always asked questions to make sure it never hurt and felt right, and is always engaged in what you’re doing while you’re singing. I would 100% recommend him!

— Josh hill


Blayne always pushed me really hard, but in the end it always turned out to be a good thing and it made me better. I learned that if I want to hit a high note, then I have to believe in it and use my breathing techniques. Blayne taught me that if I don’t believe in it I won’t be able to do it. He really taught me to have faith in myself and take chances.

— Mara edelstein

I improved more in the few months I took with Blayne than in all of my other vocal coaching combined. Blayne really helped me to learn how to keep on trying again and again and believe in my abilities. He gave me excellent strategies for breath control as well. He helped me to feel more in control of my singing but also taught me to take chances and be fearless.

— Susan edelstein

Blayne is a wonderful voice teacher. I’m an adult student, and I love his approach to teaching. He pays close attention during lessons, assesses my progress, and gives me the tools to become a better singer. He’s very patient and never makes me feel bad if I don’t do something right, or if I don’t understand something. Instead, he finds a different approach, or a different explanation, and he keeps trying until I get it. Then, he lets me know that I’ve done it right, and he’s excited when I make progress. It’s this balance of honest praise and constructive criticism that gives me incentive to work hard.

— Tobi pledger

Blayne is great to work with. He is very perceptive when it comes to your voice and how it feels/sounds. He’s also very informative and helpful to any and all questions asked. Blayne was a pleasure to work with and you’ll definitely see an improvement and change in your voice after working with him even after one lesson! 

— Andrea bonola


I have been working with Blayne for 2 months and he is great! Very friendly, easy to work with and knowledgeable! I would recommend him to anyone looking to elevate their singing talents. He is very dependable, always on time and has a fun approach to helping you reach new heights with your voice! 

— Kendria Godair

I’ve only been working with Blayne for a short period of time and I have already learned so much about the voice. He’s the first voice coach I’ve had who really knows how to pin point my problem areas and he knows exactly how to help. He’s super personable and friendly. I’m never embarrassed to make a mistake in front of him. I strongly recommend taking lessons from Blayne. It’s definitely worth it. 

— Olivia Griffin