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Teaching Philosophy

As a teacher and mentor, I strive to teach each of my students to be a complete vocal musician. By this, I mean a vocal musician who has complete mastery of all aspects of a fully trained, confident, and competent musician. This includes knowledge of vocal production, musicianship, music history, and music theory. It is my job as a teacher to teach each student how to control their instrument and make the most beautiful sound. I also strive to engage each student in the history and theory of music. These tools are the fundamentals of music and therefore must be a component of a complete vocal musicians training. Musicianship is the creative aspect of each musical artist. It is developed and discovered throughout the training process. I believe that discovery is the greatest tool I have to help unlock the innate creativity in each student.

Benefits of Voice Lessons

Voice lessons can provide many wonderful benefits aside from improving your voice and vocal technique.

  • Singing lowers stress level, relieves anxiety, and elevates endorphins.
  • Singing helps to increase the use of expressive language, improved cardiovascular function, and improved emotional regulation.
  • Vocal training can help improve verbal communication skill more than actual phonetics.
  • Voice lessons can help improve your memory, intellectual skills, and coordination.

What Happens at the First Lesson?

Blayne makes it a priority to get to know you first on a personal level and become familiar with your vocal needs and goals so that he can provide individualized lessons to you each week. Not every voice is the same and should not be treated as such. A young singer having their first voice lesson will have different needs than an older or professional singer. 

If you register for voice lessons, Blayne will work with you to create an individualized plan that will fit your vocal needs and musical preferences. At your first voice lesson, Blayne will ask about your background, listen to you sing, and offer suggestions on how to improve. Upon leaving your first lesson with Blayne, you will have started learning the basics of developing a solid vocal technique and be on your way to becoming a better singer.